Straight Edge Razor Steel Folding Shaving Pocket Knife Barber Beard Cut Throat

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  • You Will Receive 1 Straight Razor - Choose Colorway
  • Perfect For Professional Or Personal Use!
  • Stainless Steel
  • Gorgeous Inlay
  • Blade Length 3" inches
  • Handle Length 5.5" inches
  • Overall Length 9.75" inches
Although these razors are sharp right out of the box, they may need further sharpening depending upon your particular hair texture (and the area to be shaved). The initial preparation of the blade can be done using a very fine sharpening stone. The sharpening strop is used for the blade maintenance between shaves. A simple rule of thumb is to resharpen when the razor begins to "tug" on the hair. Please see our store for other straight razor shaving related items